August 2018 Sightings

29 Aug:  A Magpie was seen at the Engineer carpark garden.

28 Aug:  Overcast in the morning but clearing by midday with some light levanter cloud.  Winds fresh easterly dropping to moderate.  The Raven was observed around the top station.


23 Aug:  Cloudy skies with a heavy levanter cloud.  Winds fresh easterly.  About 15 Booted Eagles flew in over the Rock in the late morning, but later returned north.

A Hoopoe was seen at the end of Calpe Road in the upper town., and a Common Sandpiper at the western end of the runway.  The Raven was again seen near the top Cable Car Station.


17 Aug:  Clear skies with a fresh westerly wind.  A Hoopoe was seen on Windmill Hill.


14 Aug: Clear skies with a light to moderate west to south west..  Four Black Kites were seen during the early morning, with another 60 birds at 09:30 but then passage resumed over the bay.  As winds picked up hundreds were observed over the Rock at midday.  Later in the afternoon,  over 111 Black Kites were observed over town.  A Raven was seen in the Nature reserve where it was spotted calling from a Eucalyptus tree.  A Spotted Flycatcher was seen sitting on a nest with young.  This might indicate a second brood or a late nesting.  A Hoopoe was seen in the vicinity of the Rooke area.


Spotted Flycatcher nest with three young.                                     Photo.  Franz-Josep Odinius 


12 Aug:  Heavy levanter with low cloud throughout most of the morning and afternoon, with some sunny spells in the late afternoon as winds decreased.  Winds fresh easterly becoming moderate to light in them late evening.  Some Booted Eagles turned up over the Rock in the late morning, but all returned north.


9 Aug:  Clear skies with a moderate to fresh west to south-westerly wind.  as from midday hundreds of Black Kites passed over the Rock, continuing into the late afternoon and evening.  No systematic counts were made.


8 Aug:  Cloudy skies as the levanter cloud crept in in the early morning, but by midday it was clear skies with a light variable wind.  The Song Thrush was present in the Dell of the Botanic Gardens.


7 Aug:  Foggy in the morning clearing later.  Winds easterly.  A Whimbrel was seen on the groyne at Sandy Bay.


4 Aug:  Heavy fog in the morning, lifting by midday to reveal a clear sky.  Very hot.  Light easterly winds. A Hoopoe was seen on the northern end of the Nature Reserve, and a Bonelli's Warbler and a Melodious Warbler were present in the Botanic Gardens.  The first signs of a southward movement of migrants.


2 Aug:  Clear skies with a light easterly wind.  A Robin was present in the Botanic gardens.

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