June 2018 Sightings

29 Jun:  Clear skies with fresh south-westerly winds.  Eight Black Kites a Ruppell's Vulture, 18 Griffon Vultures and 4 Short-toed Eagles headed north over the Rock having arrived across the Strait.


28 Jun:  Three Black Kites arrived across the Strait and headed north over the Rock.


27 Jun:  A Tawny Owl was seen and photographed by members of the Department of the Environment at the Mount Gardens.  Late raptor migrants included 10 Griffon Vultures  and a Short-toed Eagle heading north.  The Short-toed Eagle was brought down by gulls,   rescued and taken to the rehabilitation Centre.  A Robin and a Spotted Flycatcher were present at the Trafalgar Cemetery.

Tawny Owl at the Mount Gardens.                                                       Photo:  Courtesy Department of the Environment.


26 Jun:  One of the local Peregrines was seen on the crane at King's Wharf, with a Swift sp. in its talons.  A pair of White Wagtails were seen carrying food near the Air Traffic tower, and may presumably be nesting close by.


21 Jun:  A family party of Barbary Partridges were seen by the car park at Lathbury with at least 6 chicks.


20 Jun:  A Chaffinch was recorded singing in the Nature reserve by Bruce's Farm.


19 Jun:  A single Robin is also present at Commonwealth Park, but only one bird has been observed.


17 Jun:  At least one pair of Robins are present in the Botanic Gardens, where they continue to come to the waterfall at the Dell to bath and drink.  Another is present at the north entrance to the Gardens, and may be the same pair that is present at the Trafalgar Cemetery.


16 Jun:  A Puffin was filmed in the calm waters of the east side of the Rock.  A Chaffinch was seen and heard singing at the Botanic Gardens.


13 Jun:  Two Short-toed Eagles rescued in the last couple of weeks were released today with wing tags HA and HC.  The were respectively rescued on the 7th June and the 28th May.


12 Jun:  With the winds turning back to westerly, a Griffon Vulture and approximately 15 Honey Buzzards headed north over the Rock.


11 Jun:  A Robin was photographed on the lawn at Montagu Gardens, and the Spotted Flycatchers were present at the Botanic Gardens.


10 Jun:  Two Spotted Flycatchers were seen mating at the Botanic Gardens.


08 Jun:  A White Wagtail was observed at the Commonwealth Park.


07 Jun:  Single Griffon Vulture and a Booted Eagle were seen over the Rock heading north.  A Spotted Flycatcher was observed at the Convent Garden.  Two Barbary Partridge chicks were run over by vehicles on the Nature Reserve roads.  A press release warning drivers to slow and take care was circulated to the press and was given ample coverage in the local papers and television.  See https://www.gonhs.org/news/press-releases

Dead Barbary Partridge chick on Engineer Road.                                                                                            Photo: S. Shacaluga



01 Jun:  The Song Thrush was still present at the Botanic Gardens.

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