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Ravens Return to Gibraltar

04 September 2017

Various reports were received over the long weekend concerning sightings of Ravens Corvus corax over the Upper Rock.

There had been a pair of this species in Gibraltar until relatively recently (we need to check our records, although breeding was never recorded).

These sightings were therefore welcome news, as it is possible that these birds are prospecting for wintering grounds or even nest sites for next year. Males and females are alike, so we cannot tell whether this is a pair with a young bird from this year, or simply three unrelated birds.

GONHS had observers up at the Cable Car top station and we therefore have a short video of the Ravens on the roof of the GBC repeater station just to the north, albeit filmed at a considerable distance. The birds were later seen around Devil's Gap Battery. 

Perhaps these Ravens will become a point of interest, much like their close relative the Hooded Crow Corvus cornix did last winter.


Photos by Tommy Finlayson.