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Dumping at the Europa Foreshore

13 August 2017

The Europa Foreshore is a designated part of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve.  Bart Van Thienen has been working in this area in collaboration with GONHS for the last five years clearing the area of rubble and waste, and clearing invasive species of plants such as the Prickly Pear Opuntia ficus-indica, the Hottentot Fig Carpobrotus edulis and the Century plant Agave americana.  He has done a great job in restoring the area to a natural surrounding, and has begun to restore the Gibraltar Sea Lavender Limonium emarginatum, by planting seedlings in various areas within the site.

Unfortunately a few weeks ago rubble from one of the tunnels in the area was dumped within the Reserve in areas that Mr. Van Thienen had already cleared.  GONHS was unaware of these works as was the Department of the Environment.  The works were carried out as part of the Europa Sports development taking place at Europa Point.  Obviously Mr. Van Thienen was taken aback, and informed the Department of the Environment and GONHS.  These works, carried out by the Sports Ministry, had not had prior consultation with stakeholders, and the result was a unacceptable.  If consultation had taken place, then infrastructure would had been placed to remove the rubble immediately it had been extracted from the tunnel.  Rubbish has also accumulated there as well.


Rubble mounds outside the tunnel entrance.  GONHS photos.                                              

 At present the rubble mounds are still in place but the Ministry for the Environment has assured all stakeholders that it will be removed as soon as possible.