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GONHS Reaction to Latest Oil Spill

04 August 2023

GONHS notes with distress another oil spill that is impacting our waters and shore.  This comes off the back of the removal, finally, of the wreck of the OS35, another accident that resulted in environmental damage.

The latest oil spill on 1st August has taken place off the west side of the Rock and the westerly winds have pushed the slick towards some of Gibraltar’s most ecologically sensitive marine sites, again.

Oil Spill at Rosia Bay.                        Courtesy Gibraltar Chronicle.

These incidents, whether accidental or not, are unacceptable.

Gibraltar cannot afford the reputational damage of such spills, and our natural environment certainly cannot sustain the impact of repeated events.  Whilst making the polluter pay is certainly welcome, ecological restoration is a process that takes more time than polluters can pay for.

GONHS always aims to engage constructively and we would encourage the establishment of an inclusive working group to agree on implementation of adequate mitigation measures to safeguard Gibraltar’s marine environment.

Photographs Courtesy of the Gibraltar Chronicle.