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Bird List and Bird Report In-Progress changes

17 February 2024

Contains updated Bird List and Gibraltar Bird Report In-Progress, together with 2023 Raptor Totals and Ringing Report.


Gibraltar Bird List updated

This list gives all the 325 species known to have occurred in Gibraltar, with the exception of those represented only in the fossil record. The list of birds has been officially adopted by the European Union (for its EU Bird List).

The taxonomy and sequence follows the IOC World Bird List. The local status of each species is summarised briefly. The terms used, both here and in the annual Gibraltar Bird Reports. Under heading  (


Gibraltar Bird Report – In Progress

The annual Gibraltar Bird Reports are published and are freely available on this website under the ‘News & Info.’ heading. The 2023 Report is in preparation and sections that have been completed are published under the ‘Bird Report – In Progress’ heading  (  These sections remain subject to further alteration until the final Report, complete with photographs, is published in the usual format later in the year.