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Hawk and Owl Rescued and Released

04 April 2018

With the Spring passage in full flight (pun not intended), our Raptor Unit has been kept very busy over the past few weeks.

On 24th March 2018, the Royal Gibraltar Police Marine Section was again on hand to rescue a male Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus below the lighthouse at Europa Point. It had suffered cuts to its head and upper body and was also severely malnourished, possibly because of not being able to hunt whilst waiting to cross the Strait during the recent stormy weather.  Following a period of rehabilitation with our Raptor Unit, this bird was released on 3rd April 2018.


Also on the 3rd April 2018, a Long-eared Owl Asio otus was found on the terrace at Gibraltar International Airport by duty staff. It was taken into care by our Raptor Unit, as it was suspected that it had collided with the terminal windows. Windows are a hazard for all birds and deterrents such as silhouettes should be adhered to the glass to alert birds to their presence.  Happily for this individual, it did not appear to have suffered any external or internal damage. It was kept under observation overnight and was determined to be fit for release on 4th April 2018. 


GONHS would again like to thank the RGP, the air terminal staff and of course our own Raptor Unit.  We are delighted that we are able to rely not only on our own members, but on the emergency services (marine units in particular), private and commercial mariners and members of the general public who contact us or channel their calls through the RGP Control Room, in order that the Raptor Unit may be called in.

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