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Opportunities for Visiting

Visitors with an interest in the aims of the Society are welcome. Assistance is always welcome for bird ringing, bird of prey or seabird monitoring and other field work. The Society has experience in working with both amateurs and institutions, including universities. University field trips can be catered for, as can individual researchers in ornithology, botany, entomology, marine studies, or any aspect of ecology. Details available from the Society.
Birdwatchers and others with an interest in nature are always welcome. Guides can be provided.

Accommodation is available for bona fide researchers, birdwatchers, etc., at the society's field centres.

Bruce's Farm

Comfortable converted army officers' quarters in the heart of the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. Includes lecture facilities, common room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Suitable for field courses, researchers or other visitors. Twin rooms usually. Standard price is £20 per person per night with special rates for students and/or groups. Ideal for the macaques, general birdwatching and raptors in the autumn.

Bruce's Farm Accomodation

Jews' Gate

Field-centre type accommodation (limited to five persons), at £10.00 per night. Ideal for bird ringers as it is within 5 m of the first of the mist nets, and for raptor watching in the spring.

Jews' Gate Accommodation


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