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Upper Rock Nature Reserve:  A Management & Action Plan

The report contains 25 chapters encompassing all the elements of the Reserve including geology and caves, flora and fauna, heritage, transport & traffic, and sustainable tourism, together with an elaborate management plan involving a series of goals and objectives.  It is a useful tool not only for the authorities but also ecologists and educationalists with a wealth of information on all aspects of the Upper Rock.   Available as a PDF download.

The scientific journal of the GONHS. It publishes papers dealing with all aspects taxonomy, ecology, conservation biology and behaviour in the Strait of Gibraltar area. Iberis has an editorial panel that includes experts in several disciplines and from several countries. (Abstracts)

Alectoris (£3)
Contains illustrated articles on aspects of the natural history of Gibraltar and its region presented in an informative manner. Published occasionally. Edited by Dr Terence Ocana. Contributions welcome, especially when illustrated with colour photograhs, and should be addressed to the Editor (editor ''at'' at the GONHS address.

Gibraltar Bird Report (£5)
Accounts of ornithological observations at Gibraltar have appeared
periodically since the first summary, for 1976, in the Bulletin of the Gibraltar
Ornithological Group (the predecessor of GONHS) and later in issues of Alectoris and in Bulletins of the Strait of Gibraltar Bird Observatory. GONHS now
issues a separate annual Bird Report, the first of which (for 2001) was published
in 2003. Reports for 2001 to 2007 are currently available .

The Gibraltar Bird Report follows the customary format of British county bird reports. Each issue includes a Review of the Year, followed by a Systematic List summarising observations of each species. There is also a Ringing Report, including a list of birds ringed in the year in question. The Report also features tables of daily raptor counts and of seabirds recorded in timed watches at Europa Point. Each issue includes a number of short papers on topics of local relevance, usually presenting and analysing data obtained in Gibraltar or the hinterland.

Contributions to the Report are welcome from members and visitors alike. They should be sent to the Editor, Dr Ernest Garcia (ernestgarcia at .

Previous Bird Reports can be downloaded in format here:

2005 (No 5)  2006 (No 6)  2007 (No 7) 2008 (No 8)  2009 (No 9)  2010 (No 10) 2011 (No11) 2012 ( No 12) 2013 (No 13) 2014 (No 14)

Gibraltar Nature News
Bi-annual news magazine with items of interest in conservation and the environment. The current issue is that of Summer 2008. 

Select to download past issues of the magazine as a PDF document. 

No 9 ( 2005). No.10 (2005). No. 11 ( 2006) No.12 ( 2006)    No.13 (2007)  No.14 (2007) No.15 (2008)  No.16 (2008)  No.17 (2009) No. 18 (2009) No. 19 (2010)  No. 20 (2010) No. 21 (2011)  No. 22 (2012)  No. 23 (2012)  No.24 (2013)            

The Flowers of Gibraltar (£20)
Colour guide with descriptions of over 200 of Gibraltar's flowers with sections on vegetation, conservation, wild plants and the law.

Aves De La Bahia De Cadiz (£12)
Published in Spanish with the Spanish market in mind. The book is written by Juan Tebar, and illustrated with his own photographs of birds and habitats. Juan Tebar is a well known naturalist from Cadiz, and a prize winning nature photographer.

The book covers over 70 bird species, describing their status in Cadiz Bay and illustrates them all in colour.  It is recommended to all who have an interest in the birds and the natural history of the region. It is available from The Nature Shop at Casemates and in the Alameda Gardens. All proceeds will be directed to conservation projects in Gibraltar.

In publishing this book, the second in Spanish on the birds of the neighbouring province of Spain, GONHS and Wildlife Gibraltar stress their commitment to the promotion of knowledge of nature in the region as a whole.

Aves Rapaces del Parque Natural de la Sierra de Grazalema (£15)
The first book to be published in Spanish by GONHS. Guide to all the species of birds of prey found in this Spanish Important Bird Area. Written from first hand research by the author, Javier Rodriguez Pinero.  Illustrated in colour.  It has ample information and in-flight colour drawings and photographs that will appeal to the raptor enthusiast and nature lover.

The book describes 23 species of of raptors and includes the owls of the region. It also contains an account of their breeding biology, habitats, feeding, migration and habits of each species.


A Guide to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve

GONHS launched a Guide to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, as part of a European Regional Development Fund Project  co-funded by the EU and the Gibraltar Government.  It is primarily a guide to the natural history of the nature reserve but also includes reference to structures of cultural heritage interest.  Compiled by Charles Perez and Keith Bensusan, it includes photographs by Leslie Linares and Eric Shaw as well as the authors, and illustrations of butterflies and special flowers by Christian Hook.  Plans of three of the main paths on the Upper Rock have been designed by Dylan Rocca. 

The guide is available as a PDF document.


Biodiversity Action Plan, Gibraltar:  Planning for Nature:  (£15)

(C. Perez, 2007)

An extensive review of biodiversity conservation in Gibraltar, including species and habitat action plans. Available as a PDF download :


Gibraltar, Nature's Mountain

Biodiversity Photo book

This extraordinary book celebrates Gibraltar’s large variety of plants and animals – its Biodiversity – in a collection of fascinating photographs by photographers from Gibraltar and the surrounding area.  It is a unique opportunity to own and take home part of Gibraltar’s natural history while helping to conserve it, as all proceed will go towards nature conservation.

The book makes a wonderful and exciting gift and is on sale for £30.  


A striking pin with the abbreviation of GONHS in gold colour that will certainly appeal to members and collectors of pins as well.


Suggested donaation of £1.