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Resident Birds fare well in the heatwave

10 August 2017

Over the last few weeks Europe has experienced a severe heatwave named 'Lucifer'.  Gibraltar did not escape the ravages of the high temperatures, but fared better than inland areas in Spain.  Temperatures increased daily with the highest recorded so far 35oC on the 7th August.  

So how have resident birds fared through this?  Rather well despite the adverse conditions, and thanks to the numerous water bodies around the Botanic Gardens and the pond at Commonwealth Park.

Family parties of adult and young of several species have come to drink and bathe at the water fountains and the ponds at the Alameda Botanic Gardens.  Among the species recorded and photographed by our photographer, F.J. Odinius, have included Blackcaps, Blackbirds, Blue Tits, Greenfinches, House Sparrows and even Collared Doves.

The collection of photographs depict the extraordinary turn-over of birds at the fountains around the gardens.

Two young Blackbirds bathing at the fountain in the Botanic Gardens.   Photo:  F.J. Odinius
Blue Tit having a bath, and a great time.
Female Blackcap getting ready for the plunge. Photo: F.J. Odinius.
Male Blackcap wet through. Photo: F.J. Odinius.
Juvenile Greenfinch. Photo: F.J. Odinius.
A nice and colourful adult Greenfinch. Photo: F.J. Odinius
Collared Dove ready for the bath. Photo: F.J. Odinius.