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Lepidoptera in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

08 August 2017

It is a good time of the year to see a range of butterflies and day flying moths around the gardens.  A good population of Monarch Butterflies can be seen along the Main Walk and other species include the Crimson-Speckled Moth, Andalusian Blue, Small White and the Speckled Wood butterfly; all depicted in the video.


Others butterflies include Red Admiral, Cleopatra, Painted Lady, Small Copper, and geranium Bronze butterfly.

Two-tailed Pasha
Two-tailed Pasha sunning itself in the afternoon sun.                                                                                                 Photo F.J. Odinius.
Two-tailed Pashas
Two-tailed Pashas feeding on the juices of the rotting fruit in the Botanic Gardens.                                                     Photo: F.J.Odinius


A strong flyer is the Two-tailed Pasha which has a preference for fruiting trees and will suck the juices of rotting and fermenting fruit and become quite drunk in the process.  They can be found in the children's playground, where there is a fruiting tree that is about to drop its ripe fruits.


 Come and see the variety of species that can be found in the Botanic Gardens.