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Purple Sandpiper rescued

31 January 2019

A Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima) was rescued from Sandy Bay beach  after being found entangled in discarded fishing line. 

Thanks to Janet Howitt, who reported the bird to Vincent Robba from the Raptor Rehabilitation Centre who went and rescued the bird.

Purple Sandpiper entangled in marine waste and fishing line.

The line was wrapped around the wing and the bird was unable to fly.


The Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima) from 2013.                                                                                                Photo:  J. Sanchez



Marine litter presents a threat beyond the visual, particularly to waders such as this, which forage along the tideline.  This is only the second record of this rare species to Gibraltar.  It was first recorded on the 30th December 2012 resting on the rocks at the Europa foreshore, where it stayed until the 12th January 2013.


The Purple Sandpiper (Calidris maritima) from 2013.                                                   Photo:  J. Sanchez