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Ornithological research within GONHS is co-ordinated under the Strait of Gibraltar Bird Observatory. This is divided into monitoring and research into passerines and non-passerines, with emphasis on the migration of passerines, seabirds and raptors and an annual passerine ringing programme.

The Society has a database of records dating back to the 1960's, and publishes an annual account in the Bird Report with scientific papers also included in the journal Iberis.

The Gibraltar list stands at 311 species..

Strait of Gibraltar
Bird Observatory


The function of the Observatory is the monitoring and research into passerines and non-passerines, with particular emphasis on migration.


This list gives all the 311 species known to have occurred in Gibraltar, with the exception of those represented only in the fossil record.  The status of each species is summarised briefly.  The Status Categories (Codes) are those used for the British and other national lists.

Ringing  Group

Bird ringing is carried out under the auspices of the BTO, British Trust for Ornithology, and Gibraltar uses British rings.


Gibraltar is a member of the AERC, the Association of European Rarities Committee.  The Gibraltar Rarities Committee commenced its activities in 1985, and considers records seen on or from the Territory of Gibraltar.













25-26 Mar:


25 Mar:

Long-legged Buzzard

2 Southern Grey Shrikes

Trumpeter Finch


Cetti's Warbler

27 Feb:

200 Cranes


Cetti's Warbler

14 Jan: 

Cetti's Warbler



30 Dec: 

Cetti's Warbler

13 Oct:

Short-eared Owl

23 Sep:

2 Night Heron

8 Sep: 

30 Crane

19 Jun:

Bonelli's Eagle

29 May:

Bonelli's Eagle

19 Apr:

27 Glossy Ibis

15 Apr:

Lesser Crested Tern

01 Apr:

2 Lesser Spotted Eagle

8 Mar:

12 Crane

21 Feb: 

Leach's Petrel

28 Jan:

Leach's Petrel

22 Jan:

Common Eider


25 Apr:

Eleonora's Falcon

18 Apr:

Green Woodpecker

2 Apr:

14 Spanish Sparrow

30 Mar:

Bonelli's Eagle

16 Mar:

Ring-billed Gull

9 Mar:

13 Crane

6 Mar:

80 Pin-tail Sandgrouse



27 Nov:

Red-breasted Flycatcher 21 Oct:

Red-breasted Flycatcher

4 Oct:

2 Sooty Shearwater

22 Sep:

Trumpeter Finch

26 Aug:

Common Waxbill

16 Aug:

Bonelli's Eagle

27 Mar:

Spanish Imperial Eagle

10 Mar:

4 Crane



14 Aug:

1 White-rumped Swift

13 Aug:

1 Long-legged Buzzard

22 Jul:

2 Slender-billed Gulls

27 Jun:

2 Roseate Terns

21 Jun:

1 Lanner

18 Jun:

1 Lanner

16 Jun:

1 Lanner

26 Apr:

1 Black Vulture

2 Apr:

1 Lanner

31 Mar:

1 Black Vulture

30 Mar:

1 Bullfinch

8 Mar:

4 Grey-lag Geese

5 Mar:

5 Black-winged Stilts

24 Feb:

6 Cranes



28 Aug:

Royal Tern

19 Aug: 

9 Glossy Ibises

06 Aug:

Moroccan Wagtail

5 Aug:

2 Spoonbills

2 Slender-billed Gulls

23 July:

Ruppell's Vulture

2 July:

Slender-billed Gull

27 June:


14 May:

5 Icterine Warblers

24 Mar:


22 Mar:

Pallid Harrier

12 Mar:

Sooty Shearwater



15 Nov:


14 Nov:

Yellow-browed Warbler

8 Nov:


7 Nov:

Long-eared Owl

26 Oct:

Eleonora's Falcon

24 Oct:

Tree Sparrow

18 Oct:

Stone Curlew

16 Oct:

Long-eared Owl, Long-legged Buzzard

1 Oct:

Eleonora's Falcon

30 Sep: