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Gibraltar Biodiversity Project


These pages illustrate some of the work generated by the GONHS Biodiversity Project Team.

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GONHS will shortly be publishing the Gibraltar Biodiversity Action Plan: Planning for Nature.  This publication has been prepared by Biodiversity Officer, Charles Perez, and funded by the Overseas Territories Environment Programme of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  This link takes you to a brief summary of the contents.


The Gibraltar Biodiversity Project (GBP) was launched by the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society in 2004.

This initiative, which is directing much of the Society's activities, aims at fulfilling Gibraltar's obligations under the Biodiversity Convention as well as providing a basis for ensuring a rich, diverse and sustainable environment for Gibraltar for the future.

The project aims at producing as full a catalogue as possible of Gibraltar's living resources, together with habitat and species action plans for their protection and for the re-establishment of populations of species that have been lost and recreation of lost habitats.  It is committed to the aims of Countdown 2010 - the halt of all biodiversity loss by the end on the first decade of the 21st Century.


As part of the Gibraltar Biodiversity Project, and with the support of the Overseas Territories Environment Programme of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, a poster has been produced which is available free from various outlets in Gibraltar, including The Nature Shop in Casemates and in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens.


The Logo of the Gibraltar Biodiversity Project (GBP) is Ischnura graellsi, a species of damselfly recently identified in Gibraltar. It was discovered by the GONHS Biodiversity Team in 2004in the pond in the Open Air Theatre in the Botanic Gardens. This species therefore symbolises most of the premises of the Project - the cataloguing of species not previously recorded, the importance of habitat creation and protection, and the possibility of increasing Gibraltar's biodiversity.